Cooperative Union Aomori Black Garlic Association

What's Black Garlic?

“Black Garlic” supplements are sold by many health food manufacturers.
Why is Aomori’s Black Garlic so popular now?
Let’s close in on the secret of it.

Comment by Dr. Jin-ichi Sasaki

Publication of surprising research result from Hirosaki University School of Medicine made Black Garlic popular.
How surprising was the “research result”?
We interviewed Dr. Jin-ichi Sasaki who presented the research.

About Us

Aomori Black Garlic Association is a cooperative association formed by “Black Garlic of Aomori Prefecture” manufactures to promote the products.


  • Recipes developed by cooking expertsRecipes developed by cooking experts
  • International Black Garlic Recipe Grand-PrixInternational Black Garlic Recipe Grand-Prix

Certified Restaurants

Restaurants that can eat black garlic dishes, certified by the Black Garlic International Conference